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Veioza Ashanghai | FONTANA ARTE

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Fontana Arte

With over 80 years of experience in developing lighting solutions and dozens of awards, the Italian brand Fontana Arte is a prestigious name in the industry.

Due to its long-standing cooperation with the brightest designers in the field, the brand has achieved market recognition and built an image associated with the idea of exceptional quality.

Fontana Arte offers customers a wide range of lighting solutions customized for all types of environments, from residential interiors and office spaces to public areas or hospitality projects.

Locations bearing the distinctive signature of Fontana Arte include the renowned Bulgari Boutique in Madrid, the Pfizer headquarters in Rome and the Radisson Dubai Marina Hotel.

Ashangai Table Lamp

Ashanghai table lamp was created by Fontana Arte director, Max Ingrand, as a celebration of decorative glass and technology. Five tubes made of clear borosilicate glass, held in place by chromed brass joints, intersect to form the base of the lamp. The top diffuser is made of white sandblasted glass with satin effect. This sophisticated lamp with a strong Art Deco accent will create a long-lasting impression wherever it is displayed.

Year: 1955

Dimensions: Ø 47 x h 77 cm

Materials: Glass, metal

Bec: 3×42W (HA) E14

*All taxes included

  • Alb
  • Max Ingrand
Diametru (cm):
Inaltime (cm):
  • Sticla
  • Metal
Putere (W):
30 - 49 W

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