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Lampadar Shadow | CATELLANI & SMITH

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PThe story of this brand began more than 25 years ago when Enzo Catellani, who was already a known name in the field of lighting solutions, met Logan Smith. The two decided to lay the foundations of a company that soon became famous worldwide, owing to the creativity that the two associates displayed in their product design, but also because of their focus on quality.

Catellani states: „C"When I create a lamp, I always start off with a prototype. My lab is actually a workshop where I continuously collect various materials, components and objects. This is where all my creations are born: I assemble, weld, shape them, I have to feel the texture of the materials and how light plays with them when it falls on them or passes through. At this stage, I would not say that I think about the design, but the idea can immediately take a palpable shape, by transforming into an object itself. From this point onward, I move to the next steps of the creative process: feasibility, technical characteristics and so on. I believe that Catellani & Smith products embody very well the concept of light... and then the craftsman's hand is the one that gives them that unique appearance, created by the inherent imperfections."

Shadow Floor Lamp

Materials and colors: copper rod, black base, brass mesh, black wire.

Light source:

LED: 1x1W interchangeable [neutral white - 4200° K] [warm white - 2700° K]

Rated output 1W 350 mA

Energy class

from A++ to A [A+ class included].


Base - 10x10 cm

Height - 150 cm

*All taxes included

Inaltime (cm):
Latime (cm):
Lungime (cm):
  • Metal
Putere (W):
Sub 10 W

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